Triennale expo
At the "Triennale Design Museum", on the project of the architect Cerri, we made three 9 sq mt Lumilite panels only 40 mm thick. The management of them is made by means of wireless controllers and amplifiers. The perfect diffusion of the light obtained with the white fabric Lumitex together with continuous changes of color with a shaded effect in movement creates a result of great impact


Malpensa Airport
IGP Decaux chose the Lumilite system for the new installations and for the partial renovation of the existing ones. We made panels in big size: up to 2.5 x 8 mt only 40 mm thick! In a so important context Lumilite has been chosen for its lightness ( only 6 kg/ sq mt), for the brightness constant in every part of the surface and in any size, for the easiness of maintenance and for the simplicity to replace the images. Our Lumitex fabric also in this case plays a leading role that enhances the final result.


Swiss Corner
It is an installation made with the collaboration of Octanorm Italia. It is an example of how our system is perfectly integrated with modular structures. The nine 3 x 3 mt HB Lumilite panels are in a place where the customer monthly replaces the printed fabric Lumitex alternating advertising with institutional graphics. A remote dimmer system allows to modulate the brightness according to the graphics and to the different visions during the morning and the night. The UV high density printing on the Lumitex fabric gives to the images an effect close to the 3D effect!
Lumilite LT

The standard version.
Available in 40 mm thickness

Lumilite HB

The high Brightness version.
Available in 40 mm thickness<

Lumilite RGB

The multi-color Version
Available in 40 and 60 mm thickness;
also available in double side 82 mm version.

Lumilite TH

The Thinnest Version.
available in 20 mm thickness.

Lumilite DB

The double sided version.
Available in 82 mm thickness

Lumilite MODULO

The modular system.
Available in 60 mm thickness

Lumilite MOSAICO

The variable thickness system.
available in 40,60,82 mm thickness.

Lumilite VARIO

The dynamic brightness system.
Available in 40, 60, 82 mm thickness.